Without Keelie and her staff, our wedding would not have been possible. Together, we planned a wedding in Washington state from San Diego. Keelie was on top of all of the details, big and small, 100% of the time. 
Keelie's attention to detail cannot be topped. It's difficult to imagine how things will end up looking. I would send her random ideas often, but I didn't really know exactly what I wanted or how I pictured things. Leading up to the wedding, I wondered how everything would end up fitting and coming together. Every single detail, picture, and conversation I had with Keelie, was a direct reflection of how she styled my wedding. Absolutely perfect. She took notes of the smallest things we talked about and included it all. Everything ran so smoothly at our wedding as well. If there were any problems, I didn't see or hear about them! 
She was also the one who referred us to the majority of our vendors. She really knows her stuff because we had the BEST vendors around. If I ever had any questions about one of the vendors, she sent emails and made phone calls the very same day and got every question or concern addressed. 
Our wedding day would not have been as perfect without Keelie and her staff. She is a master of her craft and her love for her job shows with every little detail. Thank you Keelie and staff for helping make our wedding day the most amazing day!!

-Kelsey Snyder-
Highly recommend Keelie and her team for any wedding or event! They were on top of everything at my wedding, and it was such a relief to have them there! Every detail was attended to, and if I noticed something was out of place or not quite to my liking, they were quick to fix it. Very good communication and attentionto detail. I never once had to worry about any details because Keelie had already addressed it! It is evident that they love their profession!
-Amanda Hepps-
As owner of the venue, Winding Path Gardens, I see a lot of "Planners" . Keeley and her team were exceptional. I am usually disappointed in planners . This team blew me away from start to finish. They are organized, deligate well, and very professional. I wish I could work with them at all my weddings.

-Heidi and Bob Lovins-
​-Winding Path Gardens-
Keelie and her team at KLS were absolutely amazing!! I had the easiest time communicating with Keelie from beginning to end during our wedding planning process. After the first time I met Keelie & Amanda, I knew right away that they were professional and knowledgeable. Keelie is so friendly, down to earth, relatable, honest, and helpful. She and I exchanged e-mails at least once per week leading up to our wedding. She gave me several vendor suggestions and helped me create a day-of timeline. Each month she sent me pre-event checklists to help keep me on track with planning. I would consider myself a bit of a controlling person; the do-it-myself kind of girl. I often worry things won't be done "right" or according to plan (my new husband can attest to this). I felt super comfortable passing off duties to the KLS team and knew that they honestly cared about my desires for our wedding. Amanda came to our rehearsal at the venue and made sure the ceremony was planned accordingly. On the day of the wedding, the KLS team showed up early and totally kicked butt with the set-up process. Amanda had 3 helpers with her on the day-of and everything went smoothly! I had given them detailed instructions on how I wanted the venue space to be decorated and they made the space look even more amazing than I could have imagined! Without a doubt, the KLS team helped us tremendously in having a seamlessly perfect wedding day. THANK YOU!

-Rachel Daniels-
Keelie and her team made my day so perfect! They went above and beyond to make sure my wedding was everything that I wanted!! These girls are absolutely amazing, I would and will recommend them to everyone! I really can't thank you enough ladies!!

-Stephanie Kremmel-
I HIGHLY recommend Keelie and her staff at KLS. Keelie is a very strong business owner that does a fantastic job at managing her business and always keeping her bride or client, in mind. Personally, I had a couple incidents with vendors that they had worked with for a long time and Keelie handled it better then I could have ever hoped for. She went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that I was represented fairly and fought for me to win the battle (so to speak) with this vendor that was giving me problems.
I loved every minute of wedding planning with this group of ladies, I know for a fact that my wedding day would have been total uncontrollable chaos without them. And no one can put a price on that kind of calm, cool, and collected mentality on a wedding day. Keelie and her team are rockstars, and you would be missing a great opportunity by not hiring them.

​-MIsty Wege-

Keelie and Amanda were spot on. It's unbelievable how smooth and perfect our wedding day went with them helping out and taking care of everything. The work she did leading up to the wedding was so helpful. The only word that comes to mind when trying to describe the work they do is Extraordinary. I would recommend KLS to anyone that I know that's getting married. We can't thank them enough for making our special day a truly special day.

-Emily Yee-
5 STARS!!!!!! I cannot express how Keelie at KLS Weddings Events and Styling is an absolute life saver!! As a photographer, I have worked with her at weddings as well as at mini shoots for various holidays. Let me tell you, she makes holding an event a thousand times easier! Keelie will listen to my ideas and see my vision and will make it into a reality with no problems. I literally show up to an amazing set up, set up my lighting and we are in business. Not only is she amazing at her styling, Keelie is a wonderful, funny, kind, down to earth, personable yet very professional, and a very organized woman. From the moment you begin prepping for an event, she is on top of it all, down to every detail. Everything runs smoothly, up to the very last second of my events and I see the same pattern at the weddings we’ve worked together. The bride & groom are always stress free, soaking in the wonderful day and extremely appreciative of Keelie as she goes around with her clipboard making sure everything is exactly how it is supposed to be and that it will occur on time. I DEFINITELY regret not hiring Keelie to coordinate my Wedding. Don’t have the same regret! You and your family deserve to enjoy your wedding or any event you are planning and Keelie is the way to go!!!!!

-Jasmine Klein-
Jasmine Klein Photography
Keelie was absolutely amazing with mine and Andrews wedding ! She made sure down to the last detail I was ready to go on my wedding day ! Made my planning so much less stressful and was very organized and professional. I'd refer her to any of my friends because I know they will be in great hands :) she also has her assistant Amanda that does a lovely job at helping keelie make sure each brides special day is nothing short of extraordinary!!

​-Itzel Taylor-
I can't say enough about how HELPFUL and AMAZING KLS weddings was for my wedding! I kept going back and forth of whether or not I wanted a day-of coordinator and I can tell you it was hands down the best decision I made! Keelie is so great and easy to talk to. She really kept me on the schedule which is what I needed leading up to the big day! I was working lots of extra hours to save extra money for the wedding in the months before and if it wasn't for Keelie I wouldn't have stayed on task with my to-dos. She constantly checked in on me and made sure to answer any questions I needed as well as to offer her best suggestions. Not only do you get to work with Keelie but she also has the most stellar team! I had both Amanda and Kaley help me the day-of with Amanda in charge for the day! I literally had so many family members, friends, vendors, bridal party members, and groomsmen tell me how beyond amazing they were! They answered anyone's questions and informed everyone when and where they needed to be. I know for a fact I couldn't pull of my amazing day without them and I am so appreciative and happy with their work which exceeded my expectations :)

-Becca Hovland-